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Diagnosis and Treatment of Addictions

Sandra Knowles discusses several facets of addiction, including the definition of addiction and the many options for addiction treatment. She also explores the biological and genetic factors which can make a person predisposed to addiction. More in This Series

Grandparenting Too Soon

In today's world unplanned pregnancies do happen, resulting in young people being thrust into the role of grandparents too soon. Dr. Slack shares ways young grandparents can help new parents accept responsibility while meeting the needs of a new baby. More in This Series

When Bad Things Happen

When bad things happen, people tend to dwell on why these things happen. Dr. Slack gives tips to help prepare people for the bad things that will happen and how to navigate through the hard times. More in This Series

Getting Ready to Start a Weight Loss Program

Getting ready to start a new weight loss program is more than purchasing special food. Proper preparation encompasses awareness of medical concerns, setting realistic goals, and understanding your BMI. More in This Series

You Can Have It All! Nurturing Yourself For A Change

Guest Julia Roberts, author of Motherhood to Otherhood, joins us to answer the question: "Is it possible for moms to be the stars of their own lives, or do we give that up if we want to be good mothers?" Find out how nurturing yourself can make you a great mom. Listener Alert: This audio resource contains some audio disruptions. We apologize for any inconveniences. More in This Series

Creating Attachment with Your Children

Guest Barbara Nicholson is a founder of Attachment Parenting International and author of Attached at the Heart. Barbara started her career in special education, and she now focuses on parent/child relationships. She explores a variety of issues from nature/nurture, early childhood, children with disabilities, and La Leche. More in This Series

How Much Should You Push Your Child?

Dr. Markham's guest is Dr. Jim Taylor, author of Positive Pushing. Parents often feel torn between sheltering their children from the cruel realities of the world so they can experience a "happy childhood" and driving their kids so they can get into the best schools and achieve financial success as adults. Learn how parents can set high expectations and empower their kids to find their own true success and happiness in life. More in This Series

Effective Discipline

Guest Judy Arnall, author of Discipline without Distress: 135 Tools for Raising Caring, Responsible Children Without Time-Out, Spanking, Punishment or Bribery, teaches you what does work to help kids behave well and grow up wonderful. Most parents say the discipline they're using doesn't work. A long-time advocate for parenting without punishment (even "punishment-lite" such as consequences and time-outs). Judy's here to explain why punishment backfires, and to teach you what does work to help kids behave well and grow up wonderful. More in This Series

Avalanche of Parenting Secrets

Dr. Markham responds to her listeners' requests for more Parenting Secrets. Join her for an avalanche of listener questions and secrets of happy parents including 10 rules for talking with kids about finances, dealing with bullying, determining if you are making your child feel dumb, and much more! More in This Series

Don't Have Your Baby Until You Read This Book!

Medical Expert Dr. Linda F. Palmer, author of Don't Have a Baby Until You Read This Book joins Dr. Markham for an enlightening and interesting discussion on babies. Dr. Palmer's own research and extensive review of the scientific and medical research on parenting, infant health, and infant issues makes this fascinating conversation one you won't want to miss. More in This Series